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Children's Enrichment Center

We are open to children 6 weeks of age to Pre-K. Those children interested in Pre-K must be 4 years old by September 1st of the current school year. The following documents must be received by the day of admission:

  • Registration form
  • Current Health & Immunization records
  • Signed Discipline Guidelines
  • Signed Tuition Agreement

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(starting at 6 weeks old)

At the Children's Enrichment Center Preschool, our seasoned teachers will guide your child and assist them in the development of their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Our program revolves around fostering your baby’s cognitive, social and physical skills, as they are encouraged to practice sitting, crawling, walking and grasping objects. Allow us to individualize a program for your child and set them up for positive, enriching learning experience.

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At this stage of your child's development, we really begin to see their personality shine through! It's at this age that we really begin to encourage the child to use their words to communicate their needs; practice learning the skills necessary to participate in a group setting; strengthen their knowledge of shapes, colors, sorting and mixing; and really help them in general to understand the world around them.

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In the two-year-old classroom, we encourage your child not only to recognize what makes them happy, but what makes others happy as well. The teacher will use a variety of stories and lessons to help teach your child to understand themselves and the needs of others. They will practice patience, sharing, taking turns and several other important social skills. New verbal and mathematical skills are introduced at this stage as well.

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At three-years-old a child is excited to learn and ready to express themselves. At this stage they will conquer letter and number recognition, work on problem-solving techniques and grow their imaginations, as they begin to apply what they've learned to new ideas. In the three-year-old classroom, your child's teacher will consistently challenge them with interesting and engaging activities to set them up for success in the PreK classroom.

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Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is where your child will truly begin to prepare for elementary education. In this class, a qualified VPK teacher will guide your child through subjects such as pre-math, pre-reading and language, as well as continue to develop and reinforce the importance of social skills and listening. Your child will be taught lessons that reinforce positive character traits such as, honesty, kindness, respect, self-control and more. Our goal is to give your child the best chance possible to succeed as a kindergarten student.