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Children's Enrichment Center


The CEC utilizes the Creative Curriculum in conjunction with the School of Tomorrow curriculum to provide your child with a well rounded learning experience. Our loving teachers carefully plan and carry out engaging and purposeful activities for the children each and every day, as well as encourage and support them through the process of learning from start to finish.

Our teachers make it a point to work individually with each child and with small groups of children to help bring them all to a higher level of learning. The teachers engage with the children by reading to them everyday and asking them open-ended questions to encourage them to think creatively and solve problems.

We pride ourselves in creating a family environment where your child will feel safe and loved. The Children's Enrichment Center will provide your child with a nurturing learning environment where your child will have an opportunity to grow and develop a passion of learning. A typical day at Lil Rascals Academy might look a bit different than your average pre-school. allowing you, as a parent to have a real-time connection to your child and teacher. Giving you the advantage to participate in seeing your child harvesting from our garden, eating an organic meal – or helping to cook one for that matter, doing science experiments or discovering a language. We approach early education from a global vantage point and bring that to each child in our daycare.


Discipline is handled in a loving and caring way, with the child’s well being always in mind. We set age appropriate, consistent limits and clearly communicate the rules of the classroom. The goal is to provide an environment that gives children the opportunity to learn, explore and succeed with the use of praise and positive reinforcement to minimize the need for disciplinary action. Our staff is trained to be consistent and nurturing towards each child.