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Welcome to Poinciana United Methodist Church in beautiful Miami Springs, Florida. At Poinciana we are imperfect people following Christ into the world to share the love of Jesus, help those in need, grow in our faith, and serve others. At the core of our identity is a desire to know God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and to introduce Jesus to others. There's no greater purpose, and no better way to serve others than to share God's love with them. Wherever you are in your life, you'll find a warm church family that wants to walk beside you. We hope you will visit us soon because there is a place for you here!

Poinciana UMC is part of the United Methodist Church. To find out about the UMC beliefs and core values, please visit their website, www.umc.org.

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About Poinciana United Methodist Church

Upcoming Events:


Sept. 10 at 9am & 10:30am

In celebration of the Opening Sunday of the NFL, wear a jersey or t-shirt in support of your favorite team. Jersey Sunday will be a festive atmosphere and an opportunity to invite your friends to connect with God while representing their team! We gather together, worship together, pray together, serve together, and yes...have fun together. 
Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey—wear those jerseys with pride! High school, college, minor league or majors—any level of any sport is welcome.